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Known as the "Land of Happiness," this tropical port city is home to a unique blend of cultures and ethnicities, making it one of the world's most fascinating and exotic locations. The historic city center, Pelhourino, delights visitors with its immaculately preserved colonial architecture and baroque churches, while the Barra beachfront neighborhood is filled with hip nightclubs and outdoor cafes.

Smiling faces, magnificent beaches, and the ubiquitous sounds of samba wafting through the streets, make a visit to Salvador de Bahia an unforgettable part of any trip to Brazil.

Tours in Brazil
Salvador Highlights:

Sao Paulo, Brazil Tour Pelourinho
This historic neighborhood or Centro Historico, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important examples of colonial and baroque architecture in Latin America. A monumental renovation project restored this neighborhood to its original splendor, and it is now home to numerous restaurants, trendy shops, and art galleries. On Tuesday nights the streets of Pelourinho overflow with laughter, music and dancing as Baianos celebrate "Terca da Benca" (Tuesday of Blessing), the day Saint Francis of Assisi would distribute food to the needy.

Unforgettable Beaches Miles of Tranquil Beaches
Salvador de Bahia is within easy reach of some of the best beaches in all of Brazil. Spend a day under the sun in Praia de Forte, Costa de Sauipe, Itaparica Island, or any of the hundreds of secluded beaches lining the coast.

Brazil Cuisine Culinary Delights
Bahian chefs integrate classic West African ingredients and techniques into many of their dishes, creating some of the most interesting and delicious cuisine Brazil has to offer. Based on seafood and the unmistakable taste of coconut and dende oil, the food reflects the rich diversity of the city.

Salvador Tours and Activities:

Salvador City Tour Historic City Tour:
Take an educational half-day tour of the historic neighborhood of Pelourinho with one of our knowledgeable, English speaking guides. Visit baroque churches and admire the brightly colored colonial architecture in this excellent introduction to this special city and region.

Brazilian Show Capoeira Show and Dinner:
Known as the "fighting dance," Capoeira is a unique martial art, combining fluid dance moves with unarmed combat techniques, and is one of the most distinctive expressions of Afro-Brazilian culture. Held in beautiful surroundings, this mesmerizing performance is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip.

The Beaches of Salvador de Bahia Beach Tour:
This excursion will take you up the Bahian coast to enjoy the gorgeous beaches this region is famous for. We will visit the charming village of Praia del Forte, home to a number of excellent restaurants, where you may choose to visit the town's renowned sea-turtle conservation project.

Salvador Lodgings:

The brand new and luxurious Convento do Carmo Hotel in Salvador de Bahia Convento do Carmo:
The newest hotel in Salvador de Bahia is now also the best hotel in the city. Enjoy every luxury in a beautiful location that is right in the old city of Salvador. This is simply the best base from where to conduct all your activities in the Brazilian state of Bahia.
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Salvador de Bahia Nearby Luxury Beach Resorts:

Transamerica Comandatuba
The Transamerica Comandatuba resort provides the height of sophisticated lodging, securing a place as one of the most highly ranked options in the region for many years. The serenity and tranquility of its beaches are unmatched, the guest bungalows are impressive, and the amenities are plentiful. Regardless of the length of your stay, you are sure to yearn for more time at this spectacular venue.
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Chairs by the pool at the Kiaroa Resort Kiaroa
This quaint yet well-established lodging option provides stunning sea-side views and private bungalow style accommodations. Subtly strewn with all of the amenities of a larger resort, the Kiaroa Resort maintains a feeling of exclusivity and richness due to its relatively small number of guest rooms and bungalows. Kiaroa is ideal for a more mature traveler who may seek a quiet place to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate the senses!
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A private cottage in the Txai Resort Txai Resort
This rustic yet sophisticated resort option utilizes the vast coconut groves of Brazil to provide seclusion for each of its guests residing in private bungalow accommodations. The Txai Resort, which showcases splendid beach vistas from multiple vantage points, also features a world-class spa facility and a plethora of assorted amenities for its guests to enjoy.
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