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The unmatched beaches of Brazil
   Beach Resorts in Brazil

A popular destination for casual travelers, ambitious explorers, and carefree adventures, Brazil offers a remarkably wide range of world-class activities and attractions. Likewise, the country is home to many of South America's premiere Resorts. Whether you choose to reside on the shores of a soft beach, or deep within an enchanting coconut grove, you will undoubtedly find a lodging option that is ideal for you.

Secluded beach bungalows, charming thatch-roofed cabins, and even dream-like personal apartments with private verandahs, are just a few of the possibilities in lodging that Brazil presents. With amenities and services abound, each resort offers something special to its patrons setting it apart from the rest. Depending on your selection, you may have the opportunity experience a once in a lifetime excursion, dine on magnificent and unique cuisine, and rest your head atop a regal feather bed all in a single day's time.

Due to the wide variety of services and specialties featured by each resort, selecting the accommodations that are best for your personal travel needs is essential. With the help of the knowledgeable professionals at AR Tourism Brazil, you will undoubtedly uncover the option that is perfect for you. It is recommended that you contact us early in your vacation planning stages, as many of the more exclusive Brazilian resorts require early booking to obtain a reservation. Additionally, you will avoid any unwanted or surprise charges by booking in advance with AR Tourism Brazil, where taxes and resort fees are always included in initial price quotes.

Chairs by the pool at the Kiaroa Resort Kiaroa
This quaint yet well-established lodging option provides stunning sea-side views and private bungalow style accommodations. Subtly strewn with all of the amenities of a larger resort, the Kiaroa Resort maintains a feeling of exclusivity and richness due to its relatively small number of guest rooms and bungalows. Kiaroa is ideal for a more mature traveler who may seek a quiet place to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate the senses!
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A luxury bungallow at the Nannai Beach Resort in Brazil Nannai Beach Resort
The Nannai Beach Resort sets the bar for excellence in lodging throughout Brazil. Guests enjoy private swimming pools, personal verandahs, and complete privacy, leaving no detail or desire unfulfilled. Quality and Comfort will characterize your luxuriously lavish stay at this truly magnificent beach resort.
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A tranquil view from the Pestana Angra Resort Pestana Angra Resort
Two and a half hours from the bustle of Rio de Janeiro lays this decadent oasis. With access to unique excursions such as waterfall trekking and river fishing, you will be constantly entertained both on and off the resort premises. Furthermore, the seclusion of each individual guest accommodation provides an unmatched venue for honeymooners and travelers who prefer both privacy and serenity.
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An ariel view of the dock at the Ponta dos Ganchos Resort in Brazil Ponta dos Ganchos
The epitome of luxurious lodging, the Ponta dos Ganchos resort boasts an impressive amenities list and incomparable service. With crystalline pools, a plethora of sports and recreation facilities and equipment, and a world class restaurant, you will find yourself stimulated by the wonders of Brazil morning, noon, and night.
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Transamerica Comandatuba
The Transamerica Comandatuba resort provides the height of sophisticated lodging, securing a place as one of the most highly ranked options in the region for many years. The serenity and tranquility of its beaches are unmatched, the guest bungalows are impressive, and the amenities are plentiful. Regardless of the length of your stay, you are sure to yearn for more time at this spectacular venue.
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A private cottage in the Txai Resort Txai Resort
This rustic yet sophisticated resort option utilizes the vast coconut groves of Brazil to provide seclusion for each of its guests residing in private bungalow accommodations. The Txai Resort, which showcases splendid beach vistas from multiple vantage points, also features a world-class spa facility and a plethora of assorted amenities for its guests to enjoy.
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