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The culture, nature, sights, and beaches of Brazil
   Destinations in Brazil

The grand country of Brazil has numerous attractions for the visitor. AR Tourism wishes to share these beautiful destinations with you. You can add any of these destinations to your trip and we will handle the logistics.

Buenos Aires Tours Rio De Janeiro:
Rio de Janeiro is the seductive city and the gem of Brazil. Experience the sights, the people, the dining and the entertainment in this unforgettable metropolis. Enjoy a visit to Rio de Janeiro any time of the year or during the unforgettable holiday celebrations of the Carnaval or New Year's time.
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Iguassu Waterfalls tour Iguassu Waterfalls:
The Iguassu Falls and National Park offer the visitor a one on one experience with nature. Explore one of the world's greatest waterfalls from a variety of vantage points including a boat that gives you a view of the water falling from high above you. You can also visit ruins of the Jesuit Missions on your trip to Iguassu.
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Mendoza Wine Tour The Amazon:
Immense rivers and jungles await each visitor to the Amazon. Stay in comfortable lodgings and enjoy a variety of exotic activities that are both display the uniqueness of your surroundings and conveniently reached from your lodgings.
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Salta Tour The Pantanal:
Visit the exotic region of the Pantanal for very unique wildlife viewing. This interesting area has very special scenery and you are sure to have a very special experience.
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Salvador De Bahia Tour Salvador de Bahia:
Salvador is one of the most colorful cities and historic old towns in all of South America. Visit this region for the culture, and for the best beaches in Brazil.
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The many beautiful beaches of Buzios, Brazil Buzios
This spectacular beach resort lies only 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro, and boasts over 20 beaches and more than one hundred inns. Buzios' marvelous beach culture creates a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere; distinguishing it from the nonstop energy of Copocabana and Ipanema. Buzios is an excellent three-day trip, allowing visitors the time to relax and explore the full range of beaches, restaurants, and shops.
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The quiet town of Parati, Brazil Parati
The historic town of Parati is simply enchanting. Three hours drive from Rio de Janeiro; Parati is a charming colonial town, surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous beaches and tropical islands. Experience both culture and relaxation at this popular destination
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Tour Capital of Brazil - Brasilia Brasilia:
The capital of Brazil is a worthwhile destination. This amazing urban planning project is the work of some of Brazil's most famous architects and offers a variety of interesting explorations to the visitor.
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Sao Paulo, Brazil Tour Sao Paulo:
If you happen to be passing through Sao Paulo, why not make the most of your visit. This city can be quite intimidating, but there are activities in Sao Paulo that can make your stay quite pleasant and even memorabl.
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Puerto Galinhas near Recife, Brazil Recife:
Visit the heart of Brazil at this unforgettable destination. Immerse in culture in Brazil's oldest church, catch some sun at numerous beaches, and enjoy the food and the street markets of Recife.
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The coastline of Nata in Brazil Natal:
Beaches, beaches, and more beaches. It is no wonder Brazil has a tremendous coast-line and some of the most classic Brazilian beaches are in Natal. After some sun enjoy dune buggy ride and head off to a folklore show at night.
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